Family Surprises Their Son At School With His Lost Dog

We sometimes see videos that warm our hearts for all the right reasons. That is what happened when a local mother shared a video of her son being picked up at school. There is more to the story because Piper, their dog had run away and her son, Carter was his best friend. Piper disappeared for weeks and the family had lost hope of ever seeing her again. That is when the call came in from the Genesee County Animal Shelter that Piper was found. Carter’s mom knew that she had to capture the moment her son saw the dog on video.

You can hear the story as his mother, April Licata tells it:

“On November 18, we let our pug, Piper, out to go potty, and she didn’t come back when we called her. It had been a long two and a half weeks for my oldest two children, Carter and Natalie, thinking they would never see their puppy again. Piper was a very special gift for Carter’s 12th birthday: he had always wanted a black pug since he spent his baby years with another pug he loved very much -Oliver- who had to go live with another family while his baby brother was sick. We posted and shared and talked to neighbors, news venues, and community groups but as the days passed, our hope waned.