The best Oreo biscuit cake recipe !

How to make an oreo biscuit

  • This cake has its best ally in oreo cookies. In this case, the main job will be to remove the cream, the filling does not interest us, although if we are a huge fan of it, we can leave a little. In short, it is the special chocolate that has made them famous.
  • We continue with the flour, sift it, pass through a strainer and place in a bowl. We can do the same with the sugar, and we will use a glass of sugar.
  • So that we have a very spongy cake, we will use only the whites. This element is what will really make a difference. The rest of the flavors is that of the cookie itself.
  • We beat the whites until stiff, we will add a splash of lemon juice, with a couple of tablespoons is enough.
  • When the whites are assembled, we are gradually adding the sugar. We will have ready a kind of meringue that will be the one that will help this cake stand out.
  • We will give it an extra touch of flavor with a little vanilla essence. We integrate the flour until we have the base of this kind of cake.

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